A volunteer speaks (5)

8 June 2021

Because we are volunteers of the For a Change Foundation, we were asked to write a blog. We are Hillary and Jonella Gnanamuttu, and long before the foundation was founded, we were involved in the work that is done in Malawi.

Jonella: I am a sister of Annemarie, and I saw the love for Malawi and the Malawian people grow in the hearts of Annemarie and MArianne. When I met them in Malawi, I knew and felt that the poverty had touched their harts.

Hillary: Because of my work with the Dutch Woord&Daad Foundation in Sri Lanka, I was able to share my experiences with Felix, Annemarie, Constantine and Marianne. And I see the love they have for the work in Malawi.

We visited Malawi some time ago, and the country now has a very special place in our heart.

In my mind, I am sitting down on the only chair that is available in the home of a Malawian family. When I compare this house to my own house, I feel ashamed. The hostess provides me with a cup of water and a well-filled plate with food. She does not take anything herself and she sits down next to me, on the floor. She is grateful that I am visiting her. She tells me that God is taking care for her and her family, and that they have daily food. Her children can go to school and her husband has a job. Glory be to God!

Although this woman lives in povery, she is rich in God. This is something we can learn from. And in this context, I think about Jesus. He came to this world, to become poor, so He could make us rich (2 Corinthians 8, vers 9).

Because of this, it is so good to be involved in the work of For a Change. But above all, we pray for the field workers and all the people that are helping in Kwanjana. And we see how our prayers are being answered. The Lord provides, and He is blessing the work of For a Change!