A member of the Action Committee speaks

8 June 2021

My name is Ovius Gama, and I am a member of the Action Committee of the For a Change Foundation. I am married, and have 4 daughters. In my daily life, I am a mason. Since 2017, I am involved as a volunteer with the For a Change Foundation.

As member of the Action Committee, I take care of the children from the village who participate in the sponsor program. For example, we make sure that they come to eat their meals each day, we make sure that the school is clean and that also the kitchen and the surroundings look proper. We select the poorest children from our village, so that they have a chance of participating in the sponsor program.

Our executives treat us very well. It is a privilege to be able to work for the For a Change Foundation. We have already seen so many beautiful things that For a Change did to our village the past couple of years. I am convinced that this development will continue.

I want to wish the For a Change Foundation every bit of luck and I wish them Gods blessings, because the work that is done, is so important. I hope that you, that help the foundation, will continue to help, zo that we can help even more people to break the circle of poverty. Together we can defeat poverty, step by step!