Primary school

We started our own nursery in late 2018, as there was no nursery in Kwanjana and no quality pre-school education. We decided to let the children who attended the preschool go to the local government primary school. In doing so, we aimed to work together to improve the quality of education there. But this is proving very difficult in practice. Classes are overcrowded, there are not enough teachers and the teachers who are there are not always in their classes and are even taking extra classes so they are rarely seen at school. The school's management and the teachers who are there are also changed frequently, making it very difficult to work together.

As a result, we see the performance the children had in nursery deteriorate once they enter primary school. This is very unfortunate. We do provide tutoring after school but this is not enough to give the children the education they deserve. Therefore, after much deliberation, we have decided to build our own primary school so that we can aim for good quality, enough teachers and small classes.

Construction of the primary school started in May 2023 and the project was completed in July. Right now (October 2023), we are busy organising all the paperwork to be allowed to start a primary school, starting a school plan, taking stock of what materials need to be procured and everything needed to start the primary school. We will start with standard 1-4 (groups 3 to 6). The plan is to add 1 group each year thereafter, until we have a complete primary school, meaning standard 1 -8. That way, we hope this will contribute to better education. Because we believe that good education is one of the most powerful weapons, to defeat poverty.