Nursery education

As For a Change, we think it is very important to invest in education. Education is development. Education can help people to get out of poverty. We believe that education is the basis for becoming self-sufficient. That is the reason that starting early with good education is so important, although nursery education is not compulsory in Malawi. Because there is no nursery in Kwanjana, we started a nursery in our Meeting & Knowledge Center in Kwanjana. Currently, Felix and Constantine teach 20 preschool children 5 mornings a week. There is now a vacancy for a teacher for this nursery, so that Felix and Constantine can focus on other existing tasks.

The children receive lessons from the "Little by Little" method. This method is especially made for nursery education in Malawi and fits to the perception of the children. It is our goal to provide high-quality education to the children and to prepare them for the first year of primary school.

However, education is not the only thing the children need. Those children, included in our child sponsoring program, come from the poorest families in Kwanjana. Many of them come to school with an empty stomach. Therefore, they receive fruit early in the morning and receive healthy and nutritious porridge during the break. Lunch will also be introduced soon, so that we are sure that the children get enough and healthy food. The parents or guardians of the children help with cooking and cleaning. In this way, they are also responsible for their children.