Building houses

In August 2023, we started rebuilding houses for the people who lost their homes due to storm Freddy. We are working hard to make this possible!

A total of 37 houses will be built after storm Freddy. We will do this in 3 phases.

Phase 1 (15 houses): started on 28 August and completed on 28 September.  You can view a map showing the plan for the first phase of reconstruction here.

Phase 2 (7 houses): started on 2 October

Phase 3 (15 houses): will start when phase 2 is completed.

When building the houses, we try to cooperate as much as possible with the people receiving the houses and the local people. The people do not have to pay anything for the house, but they have to help bring materials needed to build their house. For example, they have to make sure there is enough water available for construction and enough sand. This is hard work as they carry this on their heads. But it is important that people feel responsible for (the construction of) their house and this responsibility is increased if they commit themselves to making this project a success. Furthermore, we try to hire as many builders as possible from Kwanjana or from the area, so this also provides employment. For the first phase alone, we have helped over 90 people find work. Furthermore, several places in Kwanjana make and bake bricks, which we buy from them. Again, this provides employment.

When the houses are ready, we hand over responsibility for the house to the people who will live in it and to the village chief. We advise them how to take care of their house in the best possible way and also urge them to take good care of their house. For repair and maintenance of the house, the people themselves are responsible.