Working with joy

20 October 2021

It is time to write a blog again. I always love telling people about my work. The work in Malawi has a lot of challenges where we can laugh about, things that frustrate me, and things that make my heart cry. Summarized: the work is varied. Variation fits me. I am spending a lot of days behind my desk, so great challenges are in the internet connection and the power supply. I am working with pre-paid internet, which can be totally consumed at the most unfavourable moments. But I am learning, and the connection is currently fine.

One morning a week, I am present for a team meeting, and one day every week I am going to Kwanjana. I leave early in the morning. During the week before, I am making a list of things to do in Kwanjana. Because I am managing the sponsoring program, I usually have a meeting with Secret, our community worker. We talk about the possiblity of expanding our sponsoring program, and which children are qualified for that, which children need special attention and how the health of the children is doing. Sometimes, my heart cries when I have to say 'no' to a child that I rather would have helped, but it is not possible. I must accapt that we have our boundaries. For example, we cannot help a young lady that does not have money for higher education. We do not have a program for that, yet. Sometimes, I observe the teachers from our nursery school. After that, I have a small conversation with them. It is great to see growth and development. I am discussing the after-school lessons with Secret and we make a record system for the pupils. Doing things together, reaching goals together is something that makes me very happy. During the break, I am talking with the teachers and the people from the Action Committee that are present that day. During the afternoon, I am preparing our Biblical studies and I am going to a house in town where the bible study actually takes place. Beautiful moments in which we can focus on the words of God, with the women and sometimes with a few men. We sing together, we read from the Bible and we all mention points for prayer and we pray together. A couple of weeks ago, we prayed for a sick cow of one of the women. Recently, the cow gave birth to a healthy calf and we thanked the Lord!

The next day, I take place behind my desk again. I am still thinking about the cow and I smile. I have a great job!