The importance of education

4 November 2021

The foundation is really bringing hope and a difference to the children of Kwanjana. This is so because the  children are being taught the importance of knowledge of education at a young age. It is like a motivation to all children as well as the parents to encourage their children to continue with studies and make a difference in the country. So regardless the parents having not acquired much education they are willing to change that pattern to at least encourage their children to study unlike before where they would send these children to do small business activities before putting education first in a child's development.

The activities at the centre are inspiring the community for instance the coming in of visitors  like the medical students encourage not only the children at the centre but also those in various levels like primary and secondary education to continue working hard so they could also be like them. These details of every activity are shaping the children and the youth to bring a difference in their community.

One of the most life changing activity is the graduation ceremony for the nursery school which is to happen on the 18 November, 2021. I believe each of these children's life will change for the better from the knowledge acquired at young age through all the lessons learnt in their classes. Since the first, the organization has grown so much that the school will require two more nursery classes to accommodate all children. The growth shows how much parents are willing to send the children to school and have seen the goodness of education.

Lastly, the teachers are so excited and happy of the change in the children whether small or big difference.