Promise Keeper

11 October 2021

This week I had an insight to read Psalm 46 in a special way. It’s not my first time to read this Psalm. One of the beautiful things which I got  inspired in this passage, is the way how God is centred in the whole passage. I was reading this Psalm from the NIV translation, it is comprised of 11 verses but the name of ‘GOD’ has been mentioned seven times. The attributes which are given to God are; refuge, strength, fortress and many more. The impression which I was centred much, is based on nowadays life moving across the world. There are a lot of heartbreaks, tribulations and so many which bring the people a lot of stress, even some also feel to end their lives. The amazing thing, in this Psalm, God is showing that He is our refuge. No matter how difficult our lives may be in this present life, but still our God is a ever caring God. Despite of all sicknesses out there and also difficult to understand, our God is still faithful. He doesn’t get shaken of our daily tribulations, He always acts on His time. It may also happen that you have a wish to have a reflection on Psalm 46, may the good God give you an impression to look at how powerful He is always.

In my daily work, always meeting kids who are passing through difficult situations such as living with a single parent and in most cases only a single mother who always fights for survival, it’s not always easy at all. I thank God who always sustains me with energy to have motivation of doing this work every day. The mother tries to care so well for the kids whom a certain husband just left without caring for them anymore. In just few cases, it happens that the husband died and left the wife with kids behind. It’s not easy to care for kids alone as a single mother. It is really energy consuming work. When we reflect on the Psalm 46, God is still caring for such kind of dumped women and children. Along the way we find some sponsors who are able to give hope in such kind of hopeless families. It is impressive to see God’s work moving.