Visiting the nursery school

19 April 2022

I am sitting in the back of the new classroom of grade 2 of our nursery school. Sixteen pair of eyes are looking at the teacher. With full attention, they listen to a story from the Bible. I blink with my eyes. Is this real? Sometimes, it seems to be a dream. The new classrooms are looking so great, and children have so many chances to develop. Our sweet teachers provide those children with so much love and attention. The children bloom, when they start participating in the sponsor program, they receive food, medical care and lots of love. They learn about the message of the Bible each day and they learn a lot. It is such a blessing to do this work in a village in Malawi! It is a blessing that we have enough money to help more and more children.

I blink again. A carpenter enters the classroom. It's mister Gama, one of the members of the Action Committee. The theme of the month is Carpentry. Mister Gama puts on his helmet and asks questions to the children about the building of a house. They know a lot already! Mister Gama shows different objects and asks the children whether they know what the object is. 'It's a screwdriver!' Now, even mister Gama blinks with his eyes. Do the children also know the English name? Yes, with each new theme, the children also learn 15 English words. After a while, the children follow mister Gama outside. Learning is most effective when you see it in practice. So the children are going to build a house together. They run around with sand, water, they are making 'concrete', and start with the building of a house. The faces look so excited. It is amazing to see that the children are educated in such a nice way.

During the break, the children continue to build outside. They are helping each other. Exactly like the carpenter showed them. I am thinking about the quote I recently read: 'Play gives children a chance to practive what they are learning'. I blink my eyes again. That is exactly what is happening here. Children, that otherwise were not able to go to school, are visiting us every day, to eat, to learn, to hear Gods words, to receive love. It is such a blessing to do this work, in a village in Malawi.