19 April 2022

The days are passing. Time flies. When I look back at all the things that happened last year, my heart fills with gratitude. It's the third month of the year. I thank God for all that we did until now. Especially recently, when, on a Saturday, the entire community helped for a good cause. The vision that we had for Kwanjana, is taken over by the community, step by step. And that is an enourmous blessing! This is the reason for our effort. The enthousiasm of the community was great. They did a lot of work on just one day. They made the land ready to plant sweet potatoes. They fixed roads, because in the reaining season, there are a lot of humps and bumps in the roads, because of the water. Almost 1.000 people were participating this day!

On a Thursday, when I usually go to the village, I see two groups of nursery school children. They are learning. With themes, in corners with a theme, with materials, enough, space, a clean classroom. They have a teacher that pays attention to them and loves them. It is such a blessing! For a Change becomes a refuge, more and more. A place were people can get help, are being seen and loved. And every Thursday, during Bible study, I can tell the people more about Jesus, our most important Regufe. What a blessing!