The goodness of God

2 November 2022

With a tattered breathless, restless, unclean and hopeless heart, there's Someone out there Who still calls us His own, when we belong to Him. Imagine how His goodness affects our lives. He's a merciful caring and loving Father who is just so good and too faithful to disappoint us. God's goodness is just the perfect way of leading us to the end of the tunnel where there's a hit of light that we see from far which gives us so much hope that there's always going to be sunshine after a rainbow. He's always there in our horrible and unmentioned circumstances that we go through, He's in there feeling that pain with us of which He calls us to endure and become the resilient person we could ever be. God is there in the darkest places where we landed ourselves into and still asks us to hold His hand and let Him lead the way. He forgives us despite the thousand times we've hurt Him with the same sword. He welcomes us into His arms and cleans us so were made pure again.

Imagine a father who is teaching his almost two years old son walking, he's so patient, he does not mind starting all over each and every day, a child asking the same question a thousand times and still gets the answer until he understands the answer to his question. That is how beautiful God is, He never leaves us halfway, He's too kind to do that, He's always ready to give us answers to all the questions we've always had. He is very open, “Come to me all that are weary”, He gives us rest from all the burden we think and know that we have . He is the best Teacher in the universe, He welcomes everyone in his class. He sharpens our hearts and souls so we look and act more like him.

He's a mother, He has given us the birthright of being called His children, He endures the pain we make Him go through, and still cuddle us in His arms and tells us He loves us every time our hearts beat. He loves giving us what we need with love without asking for anything in return, expect for us being His followers and doing the tasks He has given us in this world. He is a Giver and He sacrifices His happiness so we become what we're today. He gives us honor of triumph from whatever we so better and he praises our good deeds. In all he's a good Father, we're loved by him, when we are His children.