Preschool Graduation Ceremony: a Milestone for Celebration at For a Change Nursery School

16 September 2022

The Preschool graduation of Kwanjana schools took place on 8th September,2022,attendees were graduates, their parents, teachers, board members, the chief and the community gathered to celebrate the first education Milestone in the Preschoolers lives.

Graduation signifies a big step in a student’s life and is an important celebration for the enormous achievements accomplished throughout the academic year. Kwanjana volunteers and teachers proudly helped the graduates put on their gowns and brushed their hair for the auspicious occasion.

The ceremony venue was specifically designed for preschoolers to feel comfortably at ease, and provided the perfect background for both parents and family to take pictures. The graduation ceremony began around 9am with opening prayer followed by  Graduates who went on stage to share their experience and thoughts on their educational journey. This included,what they have achieved during the learning period.

After witnessing the courage and confidence of student performances, the audience burst into waves of applause. The graduates walked onto the stage one by one to receive their awards. Teachers and parents alike were immensely proud of the graduates for their academic achievements and personal growth.

Following the graduation ceremony, photos were taken to capture the special moments. Later, teachers gave their speeches and congratulations to these young achievers. Students, in turn, thanked their teachers for their shared knowledge and companionship. The Directors of For Change(Mr. and Mrs. Sangala and Simango) and board members (both From Netherlands, Jacolien Davelaar and Malawi, Leo Scander) gave their speech of congratulations and encouragement to the graduates and also thanking parents and teachers for role they played. Later on traditional dances done by a local traditional group called Billy Henderson flooded the stage and spiced up  the ceremony with skillful dances.

Many parents and the community are grateful to For Change organization for their dedication to providing so many enriching events and activities throughout the year. The ceremony closed with a prayer. With this important ceremony, these accomplished preschool graduate scholars are more than ready for their next chapter.