The importance of having For a change primary school to the kids and community

30 November 2022

The construction of For a Change primary school will bring an impact to both the community and the children of Kwanjana Village.

If the primary were to be constructed it will be an easy transition for the children from the nursery school to the primary school, this is so because they will be within the same energetic environment to continue from one level to another. Unlike if they had to learn nursery school at For a Change and move to different primary school which is a different environment for the children because the motivation, morals and standards will be different for the children.

The other importance is that it is easy to check and monitor the children since there are within the foundation hence a child can be monitored in terms of performance in class from nursery level and primary level and easy for the teachers to share reference of how to handle the children according to their talents etc.

The primary school will be an add advantage to the development of community among other primary schools. It will bring the need among the parents to send their children to school and encouragement for the children to attend primary school after being motivated by such a development since various activities will be happening at the primary. Hence having the primary school will help lessen a bit of crowding of students in the nearby primary schools.

In conclusion, these are some of the benefits of having a primary school for For a Change. And the great news is that we got enough funds to start building our own Primary School. Praise the Lord!