Riding a bycicle for For a Change

8 June 2021

On Saturday morning, April 24th, we are gathering at the Kruisbessestraat in Krabbendijke, the Netherlands. We are welcomed with coffee, tea, and a special Dutch treat, a 'Zeeuwse Bolus', to make sure we have enough energy for the day. We talk a bit to each other, the administration is being completed, we receive a bag with more treats and a road map. After making a photo of the entire group, we take our bikes and we start the cycling!

Because of the Covid-19 regulations and the allowed size of groups, we are forming the 'Heijboer-group': 2 brothers, 2 sisters-in-law, 2 sisters, 1 granddaughter. The last one is riding with her aunt.

This year, we cannot meet our fellow cyclers. We hope that we can meet them next year, and to start and finish the day with them.

The weather is very good this year. The trip is very beautiful. It is spring time, in every direction you look. A lot of flowers are visible, and in Yerseke, we see a lot of birds. And, very important: at the end of the road, there is a toilet. After this stop, Hillary helps us to push our bikes to the top of the dike. Thank you!

Lunch time. We have our lunch near the locks of Hansweert. The lunch is very good, thanks to the sponsors!

We cycle through Kruiningen, Waarde and Gawege, and then back to Krabbendijke. After finishing the trip, we thank the sponsors and the volunteers who organised the trip, and we even receive a gift: Dutch flowers with are translated called 'forget-me-not' We had a very good time today, and we believe the other people did to. Next year, we hope to be present again! This day, we raised Euro 5500 for the For a Change Foundation! Are you cycling with us next year? Please do!