Working with themes

23 September 2021

Today I want to share some little things about my work. Teaching has been a good work to me, more especially when I am seeing the kids growing academically, physically and mentally. It has been eight month now since we have started teaching through themes. Teaching through themes has been so good, because learners are able to learn a lot of things in a short period of time and even the learners who where having some problems in speech now they have improved a lot through the use of vocabularies. The theme of construction was very nice because it had a lot of activities and even the kids learned more things that they just pretend when they are playing at home, but they where really deep in the activities. The nice moment that I had is when Catherine was able to pronounce all the vocabularies that we had in that month on the school closing day. She was one of the kids that was having a big problem with her speech but with the coming of vocabularies Catherine has improved a lot. We are in the theme of my family and it is very nice as well. The next theme is the restaurant and we are looking forward to it as well. Soon some kids are going to graduate and they are going to the Primary School full equipped.