For a Change over the few years

24 August 2022

For A Change is a Christian based foundation in Kwanjana, TA Bvumbwe in Thyolo district. We aim at improving livelihoods through community development in the areas of Education, Infrastructure, Health Care, Sustainable Agriculture and sometimes through food relief programs. We are a non-profit making organisation and all financial support comes from friends of For A Change in the Netherlands. We run a nursery school and are preparing for a junior primary school and we offer day care services to all sponsored children within Kwanjana. Currently, we have a 100+ children who are on sponsored program. We ensure that these children get quality education, a balanced diet meal and are in good health all times. We have specialist personnel who handle children with special needs so that all children get support without discrimination regarding to their physical challenges.

At For A Change we believe God is love. John 3:16 teaches us the depth of God's love and we express it to our brothers and sisters in Kwanjana by sharing the little that we have. And we trust in the process of God in terms of development. Kwanjana is a very good place in the landscape of Thyolo district. There are very friendly people who at most times spend their time in farming. However, there are some challenges which slows down development in the area. The greatest challenge is the high levels of poverty. Some challenges arise due to some cultural beliefs which includes witchcraft and early marriages.  Most girls do not value education much as a result there is a lot of teen age mothers and short term marriages. But through a lot of effort, For A Change usually has talks with teen mothers and single parents where they are taught of the importance of Education including nutrition. This is aimed at improving their mindset so that they have a positive thinking.

Due to several cyclones experienced last growing season, many families lost their houses and property. It also led to poor harvest. For A Change, helped with food relief. Families received assorted food items and we included many families from Kwanjana area.

For A Change has also constructed strong houses for families who were desperate and could not have a place to stay. Over 10 families have benefited from this program.

We wish to open up a new primary school, where we are to ensure Christian values are emphasized in order to develop the children of Kwanjana both educationally and spiritually. We believe that we bring up a generation with positive thinking, God fearing and a generation who cannot depend on others but that can support others.

We believe that step by step we can help one another and move together.