It's amazing!

20 January 2021

The year 2021 just started. One of the first pictures I received from Malawi via the Facebook page of the For a Change foundation, makes me feeling warm inside.

A laughing girl from the sponsoring program looks at me. She can go to school again and she receives food. It's amazing! She is so happy. She receives possibilities that many others, and maybe most of the Malawian children, never receive. Thanks to a sponsor in the Netherlands.

When I was visiting the notary on the 4th of December in 2014, to make the the For a Change foundation official, and met Felix and Constantine a few hours later (they had their first aeroplane experience and it was their first visit to the Netherlands), I could not imagine that we would be able to take care of 70 children 6 years later. That's amazing! It's Gods blessing to us.

When we started to think about building a kitchen with an eating room in the midst of 2019, we could not imagine that this building would stand there only a year later. The mothers cook healthy meals for 'our children' every day. Especially when we compare this kitchen with the first kitchen, our new kitchen is really amazing!

When we were experiencing the possibilities for running water near the kitchen, we could not think that, shortly after the kitchen was built, the first tap of the village would be placed! The people in Kwanjana find it really amazing.

Six year seems to be a long time, but time flies when we look back. Therefore it is good to hold still and look back to the time when we started. I clearly see an enourmous development in a very short time. It's really amazing!

In the mean time, I am thinking about the time before the 4th of December, 2014. On a saturday evening I was thinking about a logo for the foundation. After some drawing and sketching, the logo was made that we use 6 years already. The wavy outside stands for the turbulous life of many Malawian people. The triangle in the middle shows the cooperation between church, school and community. The point of the triangle is upwards. Our eyes are lifted up. We may expect everything from God, also for the work in Kwanjana. The three hearts that form te logo portray the love of the field workers to answer to their call and to be a blessing.

If I realise what I wrote above, I feel warm inside again.

It is really amazing, there are a lot of special blessings!

When I am looking foreward, I feel I cannot oversee the future. And then I am looking back and I am saying: Jesus' power is endless. We can always trust in His power.

I want to conclude with a saying of Corrie then Boom, which was send to be by a sponsor early this morning. ‘When a train goes trough a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer’. Let this be true our daily life!