Bringing a change in this world

5 March 2021

Everyone gets to leave a memorable change to the world. Are you ready to change the world? What change are you bringing to the world? For a Change is leaving its footprints in a huge rural place called Kwanjana. This is a place where many children are going through this program, called For a Change. As For a Change is fighting to end hunger step by step, it also has eyes on the education of children in the Kwanjana village. I say I’m very lucky to meet the For a Change team of which has the most important corners of every person in life. I am so happy to be part of the team as a teacher at For a Change in Kwanjana. The most interesting part that stole my heart was the way our directors handle the huge role of taking care of not just the kids in the village but also the elderly and the less fortune and being a God fearing organization that focuses more on working without any gain. As a teacher I love my work, seeing and helping shape the kids at For a Change. I have learned that home is what you make, these children make me feel at home. I’ve learned to believe in what it feels to be right and if you feel doing something right, you are able to move from your comfortable zone.