22 November 2021

I am writing this blog during the Dutch holiday season. Maybe, we were looking forward to our holidays, after a busy time at work. Maybe we booked a nice holiday home months ago. We need our holidays to rest. But we often take it for granted, which is definitely not the case.

How are things in Malawi?

The people in Malawi do not plan anything because they hardly know how to survive the present day. Let alone that they know the word 'holiday'. Those people live a life of faith because they do not have food in stock. They can foresee a new time of starvation and they feel scared. They have no possibilities at all to influence this. Therefore, it is very important that we do not forget the people of Malawi, when we enjoy our luxurious life.

Because: what do we have that we have not received from Above?

Thanks to your support, we were able to make a real change in Kwanjana, in a relative short time (5 years). We are very thankful to the Lord, but we are also grateful to you as sponsors. The call for help is so loud. In Kwanjana, there are 85 (!) sponsor children that we can provide with education, Biblical lessions and food. But there are so many others that we also want to help!

With your support, and especially your prayer, we hope to continue with our work and to expand our work in Kwanjana. If the Lord is willing!

We wish you a great holiday and we hope and pray that you will not forget your neighbour from Malawi!