Health check

22 November 2021

When I was growing up, I had a dream to change the world. I did not know how, but in time, this became more clear: I became a doctor. It's a prestigious and honorful job in the community, my family was very proud. When I was walking home after work one day, I met an old friend and we talked about life. As usual, we talked about about our profession, and he was very enthousiastic about his profession. He told me: my colleagues and me are part of a developmental project in Thyolo, in which we provide support to the most vulnerable children from the village.

It made me eager to also help people in this way. I became more interested in their work, in the children they had in their program and which things they still lack. My friend invited me for an activity that was coming up. They were looking for a team of health care specialists to help with medical checks for all the children. I said: What a coincidence! I will be involved!

The mentioned activity was scheduled a few weeks ahead, so after I spoke with my friends, I had enough time to talk to my colleagues. I remember speaking to them in one of our breaks. One of them asked: What is in there for me? Well, I said, it is voluntary work, wouldn't you help a vulnerable child with your skills? I am sure that those children do not have the privilage to be examine by a health care specialist, I said. I finally said: I am going to participate, because I know that those children really need this. Fair or not, I am looking for the satisfaction that comes with helping another person. I knew my colleagues did not agree with me, so I was not disappointed when no one joined me. But there were other colleagues from other health care centres.

Around 10 AM we arrived at the facility, we were welcomed by means of a smile of the children, it was a great welcome! One of the staff members prayed and talked about the Word of God. That seemed to be their habbit. I was also raised in a Christian familiy and I was taught that we must believe in Someone higher than us. We continued and checked weight, length and temperature of the children, followed by personal consults. We identified the children that needed further health care and adviced people. We adviced parents about different health care issues and we wrote down or findings. After this, as usual in our culture, the staff prepared a great meal for us, which we all enjoyed very much. In the mean time, we spoke about our day. I was very happy with the little things I was able to do. I went home with a smile on my face. I really got the satisfaction that I hoped for and I hope that I made a difference for somebody. I remembered the saying: 'If you love people and have the drive to impact the world in a positive way, you found the meaning of life.'

I am looking forward to the next health check! Anyone, poor or rich, orphanaged or not, deserves proper health care!