The intervention of God

15 February 2022

My wonderful experience  I ever came across to, is when we had a drilling borehole project. The first place which the drillers recommended, the water wasn’t found up to the depth of 70 meters. They decided to get to another place to do the drilling. Upon getting to the place, they started the operation, alas, this did not go well as the first expectation was like. At the moment when they moved to another place, I was home and got a call from the project leaders of the whole operation. He really screamed: ‘’Boss, we can’t find water at your premises, we have been working the whole of yesterday but nothing has come out very positive. I think its high time to get out of you premises and do the operation by your neighbours side and you will make a means to get water from there to the tank and to be used in your campus’’. That was the decision which to my side wasn’t fine at all. The water was meant for our campus and if we would get to the neighbours, we could expect some extra charges which we could not bear at all. I told them that I am on my way coming there. At the moment they drilled almost 70 meters but no any sign of the water that would come.

I reached the place and felt so unhappy with the situation. I took the whole team in the office. We have been discussing what would be the next options to take for them to do the operation of the borehole. They stuck to the point of moving to the neighbours because that would the great option ever. They explained that our premises are surrounded by the down rock which is super difficult to get water. They claimed that based on the report of the geo survey that would be the last option.

After discussing almost an hour, still debating of moving to the other site, I told them that God is going to bring water for us today. They screamed: “No, it’s impossible because we deal with the facts, not just the words which I produced.” I then realised that the whole team of the operation were Muslims. I told them that, despite of the restrictions of Corona rules of observing distance and not holding hands, today we were going to hold hands and pray. By the grace of God, they accepted to hold the hands together and I started praying and by the end of the prayer, I said in Jesus name AMEN, to my side everyone said AMEN. I told the guys to get back to the site. We went back to the site and the guys commanded the guys who were working on the ground to start the engine to continue the same place with drilling.

I just had the feeling in my heart, ‘’Ooh God I just need your intervention, I know very well that the people whom I am dealing with are not in the same belief like me. All what I need is your miracle, was what just whispered in my heart when I was there’’. All of sudden the first rod was inserted, then the sign of the wet soils was observed and the next rod was also inserted and the same signs were observed. When the got to the third rod, the water came out and never stopped. They screamed and said: “No, it’s impossible”, and I screamed: “It’s possible with God and we will have water here.” When they reached 90th meter, they said we have water but its water from the rocky which will take just few months and later will stop. I talked back to them and said: ‘’This water will be with us for more years”.

This year is our second year since this borehole has been drilled and we are still having fresh water. God is good. In any circumstance, He always shows His mighty power.