Bringing sight to Kwanjana

23 June 2022

It all started with a chat while enjoying a glass of wine. I, Isabelle van den Berge, told my friend, Pascalle van der Staak, that I had the opportunity of meeting my sponsorchild.

While talking, the idea started growing that we both could do something more, so we made plans to go to Malawi together: 2 friends4malawi.

We started collecting glasses, used and new ones, and we set up a sponsorpage to collect money. Isabelle donated a percentage from glasses she sold and wrote to suppliers. Pascalle received a great donation with lots of new glasses: all for free! So therefore, it was possible to go to Malawi with 500 pair of glasses!

In Blantyre, Annemarie picked us up, it was a warm welcome! We had to get used to the traffic: it was busy and driving at the left side of the road was new for us too.

On Monday morning, the day started early for us: breakfast at 7.00 AM and at 7.30, we were heading for Kwanjana, by car. When we arrived, a lot of people were waiting for us and we went to work immediately. In 6 days, we saw around 300 people. A lot of them could be helped with a pair of glasses, but there were also people who had a lot of UV damage to their eyes, like cataract or cornea problems. We made a list with the names of those people, to refer them to special eye doctors.

Because of all the financial support from our suppliers, customers, family and friends, we also were able to donate money, we are sure that the foundation will make good use of it!

Of course, I also met my sponsor children Flocy and Isaki, which was great! This journey was unforgettable for us, we will return to Malawi someday!