The Action Committee

To be able to continue our work, and to be able to give shape to our vision, we established an Action Committee. This Action Committee has members with different positions in the community: different backgrounds, different professions and different responsibilities in the community. This group of people represents the church, school, and community.

The reason that we established this Action Committee in Kwanjana, is because the members of the Committee face the problems of poverty and development on a daily basis. To be able to solve local problems as efficient and effective as possible, the Committee is involved in all projects in Kwanjana and we make use of their knowledge about the local circumstances.

In May 2017, we handed out application forms to the people, with the call to apply for a volunteer position and be part of the Action Committee. The people of Kwanjana were very enthousiastic and we received 37 applications. However, the Committee had only place for 10 people: 5 men and 5 women with different backgrounds. In June, we conducted job interviews, in the presence of the Malawian Board. On July 6, 10 people were chosen who will be very important for the work we will continue in Kwanjana. Right now, the Action Committee is working in Kwanjana. They are involved in research among the people of Kwanjana, the building of the Meeting & Knowledge Centre, and the reading competition. We enjoy working together to defeat poverty step by step.