After the heavy rains in March, many houses had collapsed. We were able to provide emergency relief to 250 families who were affected. We have researched a long-term solution and this means that new houses will be built. Baked stone houses, built with cement and with a corrugated roof. As a result, families will be hit much less quickly when there is a lot of long-term rain, because the houses are much stronger and will not simply collapse.

To implement the project, we received financial assistance from 'Bijzondere Noden'. We have given people responsibility for (building) their homes. Even though they cannot contribute financially, they can help in other ways. For example, the people themselves had to provide sand and water that was needed to build the houses. In this way they also have the feeling that it is really their own home.

In the meantime, we have been able to help 22 families with a new house. On October 31, 2019, the 'Bijzondere Noden-team' paid a visit to Kwanjana. They have visited the houses and talked to the beneficiaries.

The rainy season started in November. This was accompanied by heavy wind and rain. As a result, at least 50 families have been affected in Kwanjana. The chairman of the action committee was also one of the victims. We have also been able to build a new house for him.