Emergency aid

Because of heavy and steady rainfalls, there is a lot of need in Malawi and also in Kwanjana. President Peter Mutharika has declared a state of emergeny in Malawi. We visited all families in Kwanjana and 250 families were affected by the rainfalls and lost (part of) their homes. Therefore, we registered those families and decided to provide them with emergency aid. The emergency aid will consist of among others plastic sheets to protect the homes temporarily, corn flour, blankets and buckets. If the Lord is willing, on March 14 we will bring the emergency aid packages to the people, hoping that we can help them in this way.

Donations are still very welcome for the emergency aid. After giving the most urgent help, we are planning to investigate how we can provide long-term aid. Because rain will continue to come, and as long as people continue living in homes built out of sand and unbaked bricks, the current problems will remain. It is our goal to find a long-term solution, but this will take some more time.