Fighting hunger

The harvest looks promising, but the hunger grows...

When we drive across Kwanjana, we can see nice green cornfields all around us. The corn is growing very good this year, and the people look forwards to a promising harvest.

But when we stop near a random home and talk to the people who live there, we do not see hope in their eyes. Not hope, but despair. Not happyness about the coming harvest, but feeling troubled about today. What is going on in Kwanjana and a lot of other places in Malawi?

Several years the havest failed (partially), caused by floodings and vermin. Also the past year, the crops were not enough, because part of it was flooded by the Idai cyclone. Therefore, most people do not have corn anymore. And buying corn is impossible for most people. Usually, a bag of corn costs around 10 euros after the harvest, but now it raised to 25 euros! Most people only eat once a day now, often only vegables. The people who can afford to eat twice a day, are the happy, affluent people. And only a couple of families in Kwanjana are affluent. In almost each house, people suffer from hunger. And hunger is terrible. Especially for a father, who cannot provide his child with a good meal, and has to send his child to bed with an empty stomach. Especially for a mother, who sees her milk becoming less and has to hear the crying of her baby for milk, but cannot provide this. Especially for an old grandmother, who cannot work anymore to earn some extra money and has to go to bed full of worries, because she does not know whether she will have anything to eat tomorrow.

The hunger increases everyday and the For a Change Foundation feels the need and the desire to help the people of Kwanjana. First, we will focus on the risk groups: older people and nursing mothers. We cannot help all people, the corn is very expensive. But with your help, we can make a difference in the life of a grandmother, in the life of a mother who wants to give her baby all the milk the baby  needs. Are you also willing to help? Fight hunger step by step? Be a little light of hope in Kwanjana? A bag of corn costs 25 euros and is enough for a family for a month. Donate here or transfer your gift to NL92 INGB 0006 7128 98 in the name of Stichting For a Change citing fighting hunger.

On behalf of the people from Kwanjana: thank you a thousand times!