A bridge for Kwanjana

Due to heavy rainfalls, a part of the way was washed away. Besides the road, there was a small stream that has become wider because of the rain. The water flows down from the mountain.

The road is being used for trade: transporting vegetables from Kwanjana to Bvumbe, where the marketplace for vegetables and fruits is. Kwanjana is a very agricultural village.

Besides this, students use the road. From October to March, it is dangerous to use the road because of the raining season. There is too much water to cross the road without a bridge during this season.

Currently, another road is being used, which is significantly longer. Therefore, more costs are being made and it is more time consuming to reach your destination.

By building a bridge, Kwanjana and Bvumbe are easier, faster and safer accessible. A better infrastructure is important for the development of Kwanjana. More trading possibilities are created, and eduction is more accessible. The bridge is built with sustainable materials, making it a long-lasting investment.

The building job was done by the people of Kwanjana, who were talented to do this and had building experience. They did not get paid, but their work is a contribution to the development of Malawi. The other people of Kwanjana organized a collection to reward those men for all their hard-working hours. The For a Change Foundation provided for the materials needed for building the bridge, like cement, iron and stones.

June 2, the bridge was opened officially. This was a nice and special day. Watch the movie to see this opening. The project gives the Kwanjana people trust in the For a Change Foundation, because something visual has happened now. During this project, we could also invest in the relationship with the people from Kwanjana, and this relationship has really deepened.