Malawi is in desperate need of help

9 March 2019

Yesterday, a state of emergency was decleared in Malawi, by president Peter Mutharika. From monday evening to friday evening, it rained day and night. Villages were flooded, homes were washed away, people drowned and some people are still missing. The heavy rains were too much for a lot of homes. The unbaked bricks cannot handle this rain and therefore a lot of homes collapsed. When we visited Kwanjana last friday, the consequences of the rainfall were very visible. Walls were collapsed. A lot of people were suddenly homeless. A lot of houses are about to collapse. The need in Malawi is huge. Also some of our sponsoring children were affected. It is hard to see the people so hopeless. Without a roof above their heads...

After seeing this situation, we decided to provide emergency aid. The people are in desperate need of this help. It are always the people that are the poorest that are affected, they cannot afford to build proper houses. People that fight everyday for their food, have now another question: where do we have to sleep tonight?

We opened the doors of our Meeting & Knowledge Centre to the people that cannot sleep anywhere else. We plan to hand out plastic to fix their homes temporarily and to hand out food for the coming weeks, so that this is not their greatest trouble anymore.

We cannot bring hope without your support. If we all contribute something, there is hope!

Please pray for the people in Malawi and Kwanjana and we ask you to share something of your richness with the poor.

You can donate to bank account number NL92INGB 0006 7128 98 mentioning For a Change and emergency aid.