Looking into 2019

2 May 2019

We are very happy and greatful when we look back at the start of this year. We can see how the Lord has blessed us and what the impact of our work has been. We started a nursery school, to prepare young children for primary education. The project leaders started with teaching teh children and it is great to see how it is going. The introduction of the nursery school matches with our mission for Kwanjana: 'Fighting poverty step by step'. The nursery school is an expension of our pogramme. However, the Idai cyclone, coming from Mozambique, has influenced Kwanjana and parts of southern Malawi strongly. Along with the cyclone, a lot of rain came, causing heavy floods. Houses were destroyed, people died, and many people got hurt. People became homeless. As For a Change Foundation, it was impossible to do nothing and leave those peopel to themselves. We received a lot of gifts and bought supplies, buckets, blankets, et cetera, to be able to help the affected people in Kwanjana. There is still a lot of need. Homes are destroyed and toilets have collapsed due to the heavy rainfalls. The people still need our help. It is so good to see that the Lord has made the harts of the Dutch people generous, and that we could do a lot for the people of Kwanjana with this money. People were very grateful and some people showed their gratitude by making the area around the For a Change Foundation free of weeds. The Idai cyclone is one of the most disastrous cyclone ever and it left a lot of people even more in poverty than they already were.

As part of the Malawian board, we would like to thank everyone who helped to make this emergency aid possible. We hope that we can still help a lot of families the coming time.