Let's love

18 September 2023

The best moments I love is when I see kids coming along for hugs. I feel they feel safe. This really makes my day. For a Change is a pillar of Kwanjana, in Thyolo, through the help of God. Kids come to school every day to learn, eat and get love from amazing people around them. With this, kids really feel that they are happy and I feel it in my heart, that that's where they get their spring of joy. I love working with For a Change because their mission is to see these kids grow and live an independent life and helping their home. One thing I've learned, is to treasure these little souls and love them equally, for this they will grow and treasure others and love one another despite the differences of how God has made them.

Being a teacher at this place has taught me so much. It has taught me to love. If I love now, I have to love more, because all I can see is these kids needs to be loved for. They come from different backgrounds, where some they don't get enough love. If we love them here at For a Change we see them being changed in their behavior, their health and so academically . Let's love!! At the end of the day kids are happy and so am I.