A different story

30 July 2023

Working in the situation when you feel so overwhelmed and stressed because of the situation. In the midst of the day which seemed to be cool or usual, suddenly the weather changes and remains constantly the same. After some hours the media blew out and the news of falling of houses and lost of lives was everywhere. The country remained so devastated and everyone was almost checking on one another. The southern part of Malawi became a place where people could pay attention to. When the days were passing the news was much about the severe damages which occurred. It’s a period whereby people were so terrified. The situation itself also had a reflection over the story of Noah in the Bible. The rains came constantly over three days and places were full of water and rivers really overflowed. Lives were claimed and properties got damaged. As an Organisation, our area was also affected, it even became impassable. The hope was really lost. In the amidst of the crisis, as an Organization we tried to find solutions which were based on the short term and also long term. The road was one of the important thing to think about. We tried to get to the place with our vehicles but in the end we failed to make it. We thought of the road and bridge reconstruction. By the grace of God, sponsors reacted to our requests. We are happy to see that the country which looked so hopeless and the hope retaining, the bridge is reconstructed and the road is also taking the shape. We are now taking different story. Kwanjana area is becoming bright and the faces of people are shining again. We hope that God will keep on directing us in so many ways!