Annual Reports

Annual report 2018

2018 was a very intensive year. We had to deal with illness of a fieldworker. Two projects were started: a nursery school and a child sponsoring program. Besides those two projects, a lot of work has been done in both Malawi and the Netherlands

Annual report 2017

Building the future

Another year has passed. A lot has happenend. Together we were able to build a bridge, to build the Meeting & Knowledge Centre, to build a better relationship with the local people, and to invest in mutual trust, and so on...

Annual report 2016

In this report, For a Change accounts for the policy that was pursued the past year. We reflect on what has happened, we reflect also on our goals. On the other hand, new goals are established and we give insight in our finances. This is the second annual report of the For a Change Foundation.

Annual report 2015

This is the first annual report of the For a Change Foundation, and includes descriptions about the work and development of the first year of the foundation.