Water pump

At the centre we use a lot of water daily. To clean the classroom, to cook, to wash hands, to clean dishes, to make cement when building constructions, and to drink of course. This water is taken in buckets on the heads of ladies by a borehole, half a mile away. Because the number of children in our sponsor program is increasing, we saw the great need of a water pump at the centre. Therefore we made a plan for a water pump at our centre, which works on solar energy. This because we do not have electricity in Kwanjana, and also because solar energy is more sustainable, which we think is very important. This gives us the possibility for running water, which is so nice.

Update August

We are celebrating at For a Change centre. For the first time in the history of Kwanjana, there is running water, coming from a tap! That is very special for the people. And it makes the work at the centre much more easy! The mothers do not have to walk to the borehole anymore to get water. When they start cooking, they just open the tap. When they clean the dishes, they have water from the tap. What a joy! Also washing hands is very easy now. Especially in this time of corona, whereby washing hands is so important. Many thanks to all sponsors who made this 'splashy project' possible!