Mother's day action

On October 14, it is Mother's day in Malawi. A special day for some special attention! Therefore, we want to give mothers and their newborn babies in the hospital something extra.

We plan to visit the Ngulundi Hospital and to hand out different products at the maternity ward. We like to make a small package for every mother and baby, including some baby clothing and food for the mother.

Last time, the hospital asked us for blankets. They are really needed! Therefore, we will also hand out some blankets at the maternity ward.

The Ngulundi Hospital is close to Kwanjana. This is the hospital the Kwanjana people go to if they need it. This is the reason why we like to give some extra help to the mothers in this hospital.

Are you also willing to help us?

Are you also willing to give the mothers in the Ngulundi Hospital some special attention? Please sent your donation to bank account number NL 92 INGB 0006712898, mentioning Mother's day action.