Every day food for the children is prepared by the mothers and volunteers of the Action Committee. The cooking is done on a fire. During the raining season of last year, a roof was made for cooking underneath. This was intended as a temporary solution. There is a great need for a new cooking place. Certainly because the kitchen is close to the school, so the smoke comes in when the wind blows at that direction. This is not good for the health of the children. The kitchen is also very small, which means that cooking takes a lot of time.  That is why we want to build a new, large, covered kitchen with a daycare center where the children can eat. The new kitchen has a special way to make fire, so that little wind can come in and therefore much less wood will be needed.

In the meantime, we have enough resources to start this project. The progress of this project will be shared on the website and social media of the For a Change Foundation. Do you want to support another project? View all our projects on our website.

Doel: €30000