We are so excited that the nursery has opened its doors again! Finally all our sponsor children are coming back to school to learn. Only that we cannot teach them all at the same time. Because there is a need to keep distance, we have divided them in 3 groups and they are taught in turns. This means that they cannot learn as much as when they could come to school the whole day. Also the number of sponsor children is increasing, which makes the size of the groups to be big. Therefor it is high time for new classrooms.

The children have come back to school after being 6 months at home, without learning. It shows that repeating is a very important, as they have forgotten a lot of things. The first weeks we will need just to repeat the things that they learned before the closing of schools.

We planned already to build new classrooms, because we wish to have two different groups, so that we can teach them at different levels. As of now we still use the centre for teaching, but how great can it be to have two real classrooms. Time to make a dream reality. Especially this time around, when we have to teach with ‘corona adjustments’, the classroom blocks have become a priority!

We have planned to build two classrooms. The centre will be used for meetings with the Action Committee, parents and other people from the community.

Will you make this project possible so that children can come to school the whole day? Thank you so much for your contribution!

Doel: €45000