Building relationships

Building relationships with the people you are working with, is incredibly important. Especially in Malawi, a relationship-oriented culture! That is the reason that we take the time in Kwanjana, the village in southern Malawi in which we are located, to build relationships with the community and the people in charge of the village. It is important to know who the people are, to stand next to them, to discover their talents and to see how we can help them to develop themselves and their village further. Cooperation is very important, because together you can reach more than singlehanded. The triangle 'community, church, school' means a lot to us. Together, we can bundle our forces, possibilities and talents.

An important part of the relationship building, was the formation of the Action Committee. In addition, we investigate in small projects and activities in Kwanjana, such as organizing a reading competition, a talent day and diverse sporting activities.