She folds her hands and looks upwards

23 July 2018

It is time for a new blog. New stories from Kwanjana. We are planning to visit families in Kwanjana, together with the Action Committee. This in preparation of the sponsoring program that we are planning to set up. Together with the Action Committee, we talk about the visited families. Every family has its own story.

A grandmother takes care for 6 grandchildren. It is hard for her to give them enough food every day. Sometimes, the children go to school. Secondary education is important. The tuition fee is too high for the family.

An ill mother lives together with her daughter. The girl cannot go to school, because she has to take care for her mother.

There are families without parents, without grandparents. Children who take care for themselves. Three little brothers live together in a small home. A little boy and a little sister, without daddy and mommy. Sometimes, they go to school.

This continues until we visited 20 families. This is only a start. We are not finished yet. It hurts. So much suffering, so much pain. It feels so unreal.

It is so good that we settled here in Kwanjana. That we can help the people here. That we can bring Hope to those people. Not just financial hope or tuition fees. We may tell them about the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. And we may help them to create a better life for themselves.

I think about the children that live without parent or caretaker. I hope that we can change the situation of those children together. I believe that we can make a difference.

In my mind, I see the children walk to school. An happy face. Looking well cared for. Grandmother waves them goodbye. She clears the breakfast plates. There was enough to eat, the children can leave for school. She folds her hands and looks upwards.

Step by step we work to realize our dream. Step by step: together we can! Let us pray together for wisdom, and all things we need to do our work as good as we can.