Health check in Kwanjana

16 May 2022

As a medical doctor helping others has always been my passion. As such, I try to do as much community services as I can. Living in a country with limited health resources and where most of the population is spread out in the rural area makes it challenging for individuals and their families to get frequent health checks. This is why I enjoy volunteering with For A Change during their annual health checks in Kwanjana.

Health checks are usually done on a Saturday morning. The day begins with pick up at the central hospital in Blantyre. I enjoy traveling with the team compared to getting there myself because it gives me an opportunity to interact with the other doctors and medical students. Since we all work in different parts of the hospital and rarely see each other, the health checks are also an opportunity to make new friends. I love hearing the medical students share their experiences and learn how different things are at the medical school.

The journey to Kwanjani usually takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the traffic. We are always welcomed by warm smiles from the staff and a large group of anxious and curious children of different ages. Our last health check which took place on the 30th of April was quite busy. We had 120 children, which is the largest group we have ever had. Teaming up with the students is always great. They perform the vital signs and then have the mums’ line up in an orderly fashion waiting to be seen by a doctor.  It looked like it was going to be a long day but we managed to see all the children before noon. The health checks are very beneficial to the community as they bring to light a lot of conditions that the mums consider small e.g. skin conditions, ear infections and allergies in the eye. We usually write down the necessary action that needs to be taken in their files/ health passport. It is very commendable that For A Change organizes transport to take these children to the hospital. But we also take it as an opportunity to encourage good health seeking behavior.

The day is always wrapped up with a delicious meal which is prepared by the team at Kwanjana. I would highly recommend they start a catering business because their food is just absolutely divine.

There is so much going on at Kwanjana and they is always something new when I visit. May the Lord bless the For a Change team for the work they do in spreading love and joy to the people of Kwanjana. They have really given the children of Kwanjana hope for a bright future.