Experience cyclone

25 April 2023

Cyclone Freddy has come up with bad effects , it is very sad to see a lot of kids becoming orphans and on the other hand parents becoming childless, within a short period of time. Cyclone Freddy has resulted in a lot of deaths here in our country. Crops have been damaged because of heavy rains hence results in shortage of food in the country. This will lead to slow down the development because the government and Non-Governmental organizations will use money to rebuild things which have been damaged due to the cyclone rather than doing some developmental projects.

In addition cyclone Freddy has made people to move from their homes, because a lot of houses have been collapsed causing people to stay in camps and others are staying in one house with a lot of families. This is showing love but on the other hand this is though in this time of troubles.

I feel pity when l see people relocating from their homes to camps, others staying in small places with a lot of people, which will result in lack of food , insecurity and illnesses due to overcrowding of people staying in one place. In addition a much pity thing is seeing more deaths, parents becoming childless and children becoming orphans in a short period of time unexpectedly. Damage of roads as well has given a bad impact because people are affected. It takes time for them to reach hospitals which results in more deaths.

Cyclone Freddy have affected me as well in a way that l was failing to move from here in Kwanjana to other places to get basic needs like food. l thank God that l did not stay long in that condition, because the roads and bridge which were damaged now have been repaired with more efforts from For a Change organization and people in the community. There was much cooperation and the work was done fast to repair the bridge temporary. Now I am able to go to town and the markets to buy food and other basic needs. Though l am able to go to town and markets, it is still hard, because most prices has been raised due to the cyclone, so it’s not easy with our economy to sustain a living.

Even myself I’m a victim of this cyclone Freddy. My house where l used to stay has been affected as well, it was not safe to stay there anymore. Lucky enough l have a new place now where I am staying. But it’s not easy to move from your original place to another place. It takes time for one to get used. I am staying now with my fellow teacher here at center and l thank God for this. To the part of my work, cyclone Freddy has affected me as well, because I will not be able to reach the goals l planned to achieve. Because of the cyclone we all had to stay home for a while without being able to do any work. Though l haven’t achieved more, l got more experiences this time. There is really poverty here in our country. People are cutting down trees carelessly for them to source money and for firewood. But the problem is that they are doing this without planting more trees back. This results in more damage when the heavy winds come, because there are no shades. On the other hand more houses are built poorly due to lack of materials. Most of the families here are broken families. They can’t afford to build houses with a good condition hence results in more collapsed houses in the community. Just an example: there was an accident with one of our sponsor kids, the house collapsed and the whole family was inside. It was not a good news, because it happened during night hours and there was no any way for her to reach the hospital the same day, because of the poor roads and the heavy rains.

Having all this situations is when we also received a hurtful message about the death of Louis, one of our sponsor kids. It was not easy, it was really a hard time for me, because I saw the child progressing since he entered our program. All in all, God always makes a way, He gives hard times, but at the same time He comforts as well.To Him be the Glory.