What does 30€ a month mean?

12 March 2020

Today, we are visiting one of our sponsor children: Patience. And Patience is very happy today, because she received mail from her sponsor! This is one of the nicest things of being in the For a Cange program. You receive mail from your sponsor, sometimes with a photo, or a small gift. It is always party time for the children when the enveloppes of the sponsors arrive. Patience's mother smiles. 'My child is enjoying her time with For a Change! I can see her change. She is much more active since she visits the nursery school and also her vocabulary increases. She will not spend a day without praying, which is something I hear from a lot of mothers who have children in het For a Change program. And she can also sing a lot of English songs, I am so proud of her!' Of course, this makes us smile. This is so good to hear, that the programs really do have a positive influence on the children. 'And you Patience, what do you like best about school?' She does not have to think long, with a beautiful smile she answers: 'Singing and playing with the swing!' 'Yes', says her mother, 'it is a really good school, I am so happy that Patience can go there every day. And she receives healthy food every day as well, she looks very healthy!

We ask if there is something Patience and her mother want to tell the sponsors in the Netherlands. They certainly have: 'We are so happy with the help you are giving us and we ask you to continue with it, because the life of my child is changed by it! I could have never provided her with this myself, but now we have hope! And I hope that a lot of other children will find a sponsor, just as Patience. This way, the most poor children can get hope for the future again!'

Please help us to beat poverty step by step. Child for child. Click here for more information about the sponsoring program.